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Founder/CEO: Sachi Bajaj

Sachi Bajaj, the founder of Me2U, is a senior at the Harker School in San Jose, California and holds an avid passion for environmentalism. Starting in ninth grade, Sachi became heavily involved in her school’s Green Team, which focused primarily on ending single-use plastics in the community. From working with Green Team’s Buy Better Boba anti-plastic campaign that was named the top 10 in the World of 7 Billion Sustainability contest to organizing environmental speaker events for her school, Sachi has made her main goal to influence and change the way our world treats the environment. Through Me2U, she hopes to accomplish this goal. She also works with 350 Silicon Valley, a leading organization that focuses their efforts on climate change, to broaden her environmental impact. Other than her love for the planet, Sachi is a competitive tennis player, tutor, and volunteer for multiple organizations revolving around underprivileged children.

Northern California Chapter

Annesh Ghosh Dastidar is a current senior at the Harker School and has a strong dedication towards helping out the community. From his freshman year to now, Annesh has been deeply invested in the organization CodingForAll, which aims to teach underprivileged children basic programming skills. Through CodingForAll, he has worked with over 75 kids over the course of several weeks to give them a headstart in the tech-heavy Silicon Valley. Through Me2U, Annesh hopes to continue helping out his community. Besides his passion for helping the community, Annesh loves to play soccer and the violin.

Co-VP of Campbell: Annesh Ghosh Dastidar


Co-VP of Campbell: Priya Rohra

Priya Rohra is a current junior at the Harker School! Recently, she has gotten into volunteering and helping the local community and began her service as a tutor for the San Jose Public Library, the Humane Society. She has always been grateful to her community and believes that people should give back to the community that gave so much to them. Looking at some local grassroots organizations in my area, Through Me2U, Priya hopes to be able to decrease the resources lost to waste in her area.

Anishka Raina is currently a junior at the Harker School and has a passion for helping others in her community. In her freshman year, Anishka volunteered at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America leading group activities for an after-school program for underprivileged children. Over the summer, she volunteered at the local library and tutored lower school students in reading and writing. Anishka is also a mentor for middle school students at Harker and works with them in enhancing their writing skills. In addition, she is a member of the school’s WiSTEM club, robotics team, and varsity tennis team.

VP of Cupertino: Anishka Raina


Cupertino Representative:
Sanjana Kale

Sanjana Kale is a rising junior in high school. She is passionate about art, science, and music, and is always looking to help people. She joined Me2U so that she could lend a hand in bettering her community during this time.

Elvis Han is a rising junior at The Harker School in San Jose. From a young age, he became interested in helping his community and being a helper at any opportunity. In high school, he seeks to turn his interest into a passion of giving back to those in need. As one of the VP’s of his school’s spirit team, he hopes to bring both the people within his school community as well as outside closer together. To help the disadvantaged, he has organized many fundraising events as the Secretary for Nanoseed, a nonprofit that aims to alleviate poverty in rural China through business and student loans, and participated in Read Write Discover, a nonprofit organization that provides English tutoring to those in need. Elvis is also a member of his school’s DECA, debate, and Medical Club team.

VP of San Jose: Elvis Han


VP of Los Altos/ San Jose: Cindy Su

Cindy Su is a junior at the Harker School who is passionate about finding ways to help others and is trying to make a larger impact on her community. Currently, she volunteers for an organization that provides free STEM classes to elementary schoolers whose education has been impacted by COVID-19. She has also volunteered at Second Harvest and the Emmanuel House to supply food to those in need. In addition, she is a member of her school’s Medical Club and varsity basketball team. Through Me2U, she hopes to reduce waste in her local community.
Reja Raghib is a junior at The Harker School who is enthusiastic about finding new solutions to problems within her community. Before freshman year, Reja visited Pakistan where she distributed warm meals to homeless people, and now wants to bring this attitude to her hometown. This past summer, she volunteered at a nonprofit organization to help promote urban forestry in Silicon Valley. She also volunteered at City Team where she organized donated clothes, and is currently enrolled in a program that is dedicated to transforming communities into healthier ecosystems. She discovered Me2U through her school’s green team, and found it as an opportunity to become more environmentally involved in her community.

VP of Saratoga: Reja Raghib

VP of Santa Teresa/ Blossom Hill Valley: Gabriella Gary

Gabriella Gary is currently a junior at the Harker School who is dedicated to discovering new ways to improve her community. Starting in her freshman year, she began volunteering every summer at the non-profit organization, Our City Forest, inspiring her to be more environmentally conscious. Since then, Gabriella has enrolled in the program, Tree Amigos, to further her knowledge in creating healthier ecosystems in the Bay Area. In addition, she has recently joined Green Team in hopes to make an impact within her school’s community. Along with her involvement in the environment, she takes great pride in volunteering with City Team ministries by serving meals to the homeless and redistributing second-hand clothing to the underprivileged. By joining the Me2U foundation, Gabriella hopes to continue her efforts in lending a hand in Silicon Valley.
Selena Cao is currently a senior at Palo Alto High School, in Palo Alto, California. Her interest in community service and social justice led her to discover and join Me2U Foundation. Through her school’s environmental club—Paly ECO—sophomore year, she learned more about the environmental concerns and issues happening around the world. She hopes to aid in the fight for environmental justice, and continue learning about the environment and climate change. In her free time, she likes reading, creating art, and taking care of her garden.

VP of Palo Alto: Selena Cao


Chapter Representative: Zander Leong

Hello! Zander Leong is a senior at Palo Alto High School and part of the school’s environment club, Paly Eco. He’s passionate about the environment and believes that together, people can make great change. Waste is a pressing problem in his school and community, so he is excited to work with the Me2U Foundation to both reduce trash and divert reusables to those in need! In his free time, Zander enjoys reading, art, and looking at fish!
Aileen is currently a senior at Palo Alto High School and part of Paly ECO along with Selena and Zander! Since elementary school, she has been involved in her school’s green teams after realizing the issue of waste and pollution in her community. Through Me2U, she hopes to increase environmental awareness and push for sustainable actions while being able to reduce waste and help those in need. In her free time, Aileen likes to play with her dog, bake, and work on jigsaw puzzles!

Chapter Representative: Aileen Wu

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Head Public Relations Manager: Jeanna Thottungal

Jeanna Thottungal is a third-year Communications-Business student at UC San Diego. Her contributions to the community date back to 2018 when she worked as co-campaign manager for an aspiring Fremont city council candidate. She assisted in canvassing, literature drop, along with marketing and event planning. Since then, she has been an active member of UCSD CALPIRG’s media team. Her responsibilities as an intern include updating social media platforms while also bringing awareness to important issues regarding plastic consumption, new voter registration, and increased COVID-19 testing. By joining Me2U, she hopes to continue to utilize her digital media skills to decrease waste and aid underserved communities.

Southern California Chapter

Mackenzie Severns, one of the co-presidents of the LA County Chapter of Me2U, is a senior at Chadwick school. Starting as a freshman, Mackenzie has been on her school’s Sustainability Council. As a junior, she was appointed leader of the Council. Chadwick School’s Sustainability Council is composed of a group of students who lead initiatives to foster positive environmental change both at Chadwick and beyond. They host and plan various events throughout the year such as beach clean-ups, ocean sweeps (clean-ups of the beach and nearshore waters on paddleboards), habitat restoration outings, and campaigns where they campaign for legislative changes that benefit the environment. Council members give speeches at town council meetings, in order to persuade the various town councils to implement environmental changes. Mackenzie joined the Me2U organization because she would like to make a difference in LA county, in addition to her environmental work that benefits her school and nearby communities.

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Co-President of Los Angeles: Mackenzie Severns

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Co-President of Los Angeles: Claudia Etrillard

Claudia Etrillard, one of the co-presidents of the LA County Chapter of Me2U, is a current senior at Chadwick School, and a committed environmental activist. Claudia has led multiple discussions surrounding sustainability and international environmental action through Chadwick School’s Model United Nations program, where she currently holds the seat of Secretary-General. Claudia has also partnered with Chadwick students and faculty to create the Sustainable Steering Council, a school-wide organization committed to securing long-term sustainability on and off-campus. Through Me2U, Claudia aims to stretch her activism beyond her school’s campus by collaborating with other like-minded individuals from around the world. Outside of her passion for sustainability, Claudia loves to dance, wander the outdoors, play the guitar, and go on long walks with friends.

Hawaii Chapter

Kyrie Sisouvong is an incoming Junior at H.P Baldwin High School in Maui, Hawaii. Although a new face in the community of environmentalism, her passion and determination to help is fierce. Starting as mentor for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, she now helps her community from a different perspective: climate change. Currently a school ambassador for the Hawaii Youth Climate Coalition, Kyrie focuses on limiting the climate crisis through education and advocacy. In addition to HYCC, she has joined the Maui Huliau Leadership Foundation, an organization that plans service projects regarding environmental literacy. From organizing community events to testifying in court, she persistently aims to help those in her community become better aware of their impact on the environment. Through Me2U, she hopes to gain hands-on experience, working with both those in her community and throughout the nation, continuing to contribute towards eliminating the climate crisis. Outside of environmental activism, Kyrie also enjoys learning foreign languages, participating in STEM competitions, and being a part of symphonic band.

President of Maui: Kyrie Sisouvong

Oregon Chapter


President of Oregon: Peyton Kennedy

Peyton Kennedy has always had a strong passion for the environment. For the last three years, she has attended Rachel Carson school of environmental sciences where she spent one day each week off site working in her community. Last summer, she was a volunteer at a nonprofit animal sanctuary in Costa Rica and has continued to share her journey as a teen activist with the community and fundraiser for their programs. She joined ME2U because they have an amazing mission and do work that I want to support and be part of.

Colin Kennedy is an Incoming senior at Sunset high school in Portland, Oregon and has a strong passion for helping the community. He enjoys graphic design work and has created and managed social media for multiple environmental pages and businesses. He joined Me2U because he wants to make a difference in every way he can.

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Chapter Representative: Colin Kennedy

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Chapter Representative: Jaden Rolling

Jaden Rolling is fairly new to environmental activism but that doesn’t make her any less passionate. In the past, she has done a project regarding access to clean water for other counties. She has also helped with reducing plastic waste in neighborhood areas. She is excited to join ME2U because she thinks they spread an incredible message and wants to provide more help to our community.

Lily Brayson went to Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School for 3 years where she participated in many hours of volunteer work removing invasives, working at the Oregon Food Bank, and overall just helping around the community. She also did a project at the end of 8th grade helping to spread awareness about local water pollution, and she went to some local creeks/streams to do restoration work. She heard about Me2u and their work through a friend and was very interested in helping out alongside other amazing volunteers.


Chapter Representative: Lily Brayson

South Carolina Chapter


President of South Carolina: Kavya Kam

Kavya joined Me2U because conserving the planet and helping those in need are two of her biggest values! She has expressed these values by volunteering as a Hindi language leader for an organization that translates climate change research and documents into different languages.

India Chapter

Srijani Datta is an 18-year-old climate activist from New Delhi, India. She has worked in her school to design and implement awareness programmes tackling issues of waste management, air pollution, climate change, etc. She has been a part of My Right To Breather Campaign in her city. She also works for the core team of Youth For Climate India and the Research Team for Fridays For Future India.

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President of India: Srijani Datta


VP of Maharashtra: Abhinav Lokhare

Abhinav Lohkare is a 17-year-old junior college activist who is also an environmental and climate activist from India. Ever since a young age, he has been concerned about environmental degradation. Currently, he is working and volunteering with organizations like Fridays for Future India, Re Earth Initiative, Youth For Climate India, and Fighting for Climate Justice. Other than his environmental activism, he is also a district level champion in Athletics.

United Arab Emirates Chapter

Sainath Manikandan is a grade 8 student of GEMS United Indian School, Abu Dhabi, UAE. He is an ambassador of various organizations that encourages individuals to take simple measures to reduce their carbon footprints. Sainath had started his own campaign, PEPC campaign, and collects papers, electronic wastes, plastics and cans for recycling from his school and neighborhood. He strongly believes that we can change our existing practices into green and sustainable solutions using technology. He raises awareness in his school and community by giving pep talks and presentations. Sainath had innovated 2 prototype robots to support UN Sustainable Development Goals 14 and 2 – Life Below Water and Zero Hunger. He is also an outstanding student, passionate social campaigner, Abacus graduate, brown belt in Karate, keyboard player and a budding artist. The children and youth of today have an important role to play to mitigate the climate crisis. Through Me2U, I hope to heal the environment and love the planet by reducing, reusing, recycling, repairing, rethinking and refusing.

President of Abu Dhabi: Sainath Manikandan

Tanzania Chapter


President of Zanzibar: Shufaa Hemed Nassor

Shufaa Hemed Nassor is from Zanzibar, Tanzania but currently is studying at Muhimbili University in Dar es Salaam. She is so excited to join the Me2U Foundation with Sachi Bajaj because she likes to work with the environment, so we can make it a safe place for all living things. She also loves to help unprivileged people, especially a special group of people like orphans. A word of advice from her: I think I am responsible for the world I see, and if you have the ability to make others happy, you should do it. The world needs people like you.
Hassan Mkema is incredibly passionate about the environment and is excited to lead the collection of items from Zanzibar.

VP of Mombasa: Hassan Mkema


VP of Malindi: Caloriny Ephrahim Francis

Caloriny Ephrahim Francis is looking forward to helping her community and the environment with Me2U! She will be assisting in both the collection and donation of all the items.
Hajra is excited to be leading the Mwanakwerekwe chapter in Zanzibar. She is very inspired to both help the environment as well as her community!

VP of Mwanakwerekwe: Hajra Mohammed Juma

Portugal Chapter


President of Lisbon: Manon Jourdan

Environmental and social activist, Manon has been working over the last 5 years with several non-profit organizations helping refugee and migrant families, in France and in Berlin. Now based in Lisbon she is actively working on the implementation of innovative zero waste solutions. With her friend Maëlle, they recently decided to launch a creative project called: Planet Zoom – offering online eco-awareness activities, designed for children from 5 to 13 yo, aiming to foster the will to act in a proactive way for the preservation of our planet.

France Chapter

 Illustrator, graphic designer and activist, since many years, Maëlle has been developing creative workshops for underprivileged children, in order to allow them a wider access to art and support their socio-emotional development through creative expression. Gardening enthusiast, she developed strong knowledge about a variety of plants, flowers and insects. With her friend Manon, she decided to start sharing her both passions : pedagogy and nature – through the launching of the projet Planet Zoom, which offers online eco-awareness activities, designed for children from 5 to 13 yo, aiming to foster the will to act in a proactive way for the preservation of our planet.


President of Paris: 

Maëlle Foix

Sri Lanka Chapter


Co-President of Colombo: Isindu Edirisinghe

Isindu Edirisinghe, an 11th-grade student at S. Thomas’ Preparatory School in Colombo, Sri Lanka and has a great passion for environmentalism and an immense curiosity towards discovering solutions for current problems faced within his community. He is an active member of his school’s Green team and has participated in various events and competitions regarding solutions for plastic pollution. He and his Green Team participated in the Plastic Ocean Pollution Solution Summit 2020 and introduced implementable solutions to reduce single-use plastics. He has been involving in these services previously and by joining the Me2u foundation, he hopes to broaden his experience giving out to the local communities in need and to promote these activities within his school and community. Besides being an active environmentalist, he is a senior scout in the 39th Colombo Scout Troop and has a great interest in photography, soccer, and hiking.

Abdullah Rumi, an 11th-grade student at S. Thomas’ Preparatory School in Colombo, Sri Lanka and has a towards minimizing single-use plastic in Sri Lanka. He is currently involved in recycling PET plastic with his school and the United Nations of Sri Lanka. He is an active member of his school’s Green team and has participated in various projects and fundraisers to support the cause of a plastic-free Sri Lanka. He and his Green Team participated in the Plastic Ocean Pollution Solution Summit 2020 and introduced implementable solutions to reduce single-use plastics. He wishes to expand his area of expertise in not only on recycling but also wants to provide for the underprivileged with the support of the Me2u Foundation. Besides being a member of his green team he is also a house captain, basketball player, and soccer player for his school. Apart from that he also engages in Cadetting as a Lance Corporal, the secretary of the school’s newspaper, President of his school’s Interact club, and the President of the student’s savings committee in his school as well.

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     Co-President of Colombo: Abdullah Rumi

Hong Kong Chapter


Co-President of Hong Kong: Juliana Riquelme

 Juliana Riquelme is a ninth-grade student in Hong Kong studying at Hong Kong Academy. Juliana is passionate about environmental activism and taking care of nature in general. As of 2018, Juliana became a member of the Hong Kong branch of an environmental group called Bye Bye Plastic Bags. In 2019 Juliana became co-leader of the Hong Kong team and has since taken part in organizing a range of events, from beach cleanups to online campaigns. Through Bye Bye Plastic Bags HK Juliana hopes to inspire others in her community to change their lifestyles to be more sustainable and to impact Hong Kong’s environment positively through direct action. Through Me2U Juliana aims to expand her action not only through waste reduction but also waste redistribution. She hopes to help the environment but to also help those in need whilst doing so. Aside from her environmental work, Juliana is also passionate about medicine, art, and sports.

Hannah Feren is joining the Me2U team because she is very passionate about the environment and making the world a better, more sustainable place. In the past, she has made and distributed lunches to less fortunate communities in the Philippines and has volunteered at an agricultural farm there. Her other hobbies include art/graphic design, volleyball, and basketball.


     Co-President of Hong Kong: Hannah Feren

Burundi Chapter


President of Bubanza Province: Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze 

Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze is a climate and peace activist from Burundi, a native of Bubanza Province. He is the founder of the Greening Burundi, which aims to plant millions of trees to reforest Burundi. His goal is to fight against climate change and its impacts happening in Burundi and the whole world. He considers himself an eco-warrior and dedicates his work and energy to make our world a better place to live. He feels concerned for the future generation and sees himself as a productive youth embarked on reforestation and peacebuilding in order to make our planet well preserved and peaceful.

Singapore Chapter

Melanie Pang has been mainly focusing on the environment sector by being part of ByeByePlasticBags. By being part of this NGO, she tries her best to raise awareness to reduce the use of plastic bags! Moreover, she receives many opportunities to go for events and learn much more about our current environmental issues, such as biodiversity, the effects of plastic pollution, etc. However, she wants to work with other causes such as helping the underprivileged to further spread impacts to our world!


President of Singapore: Melanie Pang


  VP of North East Singapore: Rachael Chee

Rachael Chee has always had a passion for helping others in her community, mainly the underprivileged youths and children. She has taken part in a few projects by youths to champion for greater equity in education and raise funds and awareness through their fundraiser concerts and sales! However, with more environmental issues becoming increasingly serious year after year, Rachael decided to join Me2U to spread the word about the importance of reducing unnecessary waste generation, in hopes to make a greater impact in society as well as to further extend the efforts of waste reduction by extending help to the underprivileged through waste redistribution.

Sara Tan has not been doing much for the environment before this, but she’s been trying her best to reduce the amount of waste she produces by using recyclables and also avoiding buying things she doesn’t need. She joined this NGO so that she could do more to help the environment!

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Co-VP of West Singapore:

Sara Tan

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VP of North Singapore:

Abigail Tan

The reason why Abigail joined is because from a young age she realised we are responsible for our environment and the people on earth. If no one steps up and does something, nothing will change. She feels some people are more privileged than others and by that, she does not mean having a big house, the latest tech nor the nicest cars. She means having a stable roof over their heads, clean clothes every day, food enough to sustain energy and provide to their nutritional needs, enough water, and a clean environment. Every day she feels there is someone out there who is throwing out their clothes just because they simply do not like them anymore or they have outgrown it. Those clothes could be donated to the underprivileged instead. Children of the underprivileged do not have the same childhood and upbringing as us, yes we have our differences but in the end, we still have a roof over our heads, toys, food, clothes, and water. Something which not many of them have. She is sure when they grow up they will want to help change their situation and others as well.

When Lai first found out about this initiative, she thought it was very meaningful! As someone who’s concerned about the environment and likes to help out whoever in whatever capacity she can, she was extremely drawn to the ideals of Me2U. She would say she comes from a pretty privileged background, always being able to get the clothes, books, etc. she wants and needs without worry. She guesses this also compelled her to join this initiative, in hopes of being able to help other children (which she loves too!) have a more fulfilling childhood, which she thinks no one should be deprived of, especially if due to uncontrollable circumstances.

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Co-VP of West Singapore:

Lai Jingyi

Nigeria Chapter


President of Nigeria:

Seun Bode 

Bode Seun is an advocator for social change and humanitarian causes, a social entrepreneur, and a sustainability consultant who is also passionate about environmental wellbeing. It would be a great privilege for him to reach out to vulnerable and less privileged people, while earnestly contributing positively to the mission of Me2U foundation.

Edwin Glory Princess is from Akwa Ibom state and is a student of Akwa Ibom State University, studying geology. She has volunteered in different recycling platforms that specialize in plastic recycling. Moreover, she is a beauty contestant of the Miss Earth Nigeria Official 2020, a pageant that helps Mother Earth. She joined Me2U because she feels that she has a great heart for Mother Earth and also the less privileged, for the love she has for the planet and stands with Me2U.


VP of Lagos State:

Edwin Princess

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VP of Niger State:

Musa Ibrahim

Musa Ibrahim is a graduate of Geography and Environmental Management University of Abuja. He developed an interest in becoming an Environmentalist and Quality Health Activist immediately after his graduation in 2019. He is very confident that Afforestation is a desirable solution to mitigate the devastating effects of Climate Change. We are in a decade of action and it bows down to us to be decisive, inclusive, and committed in the strive for making our planet Earth a better place for all Floras and Faunas. He is also committed in the actualization of the Sustainable Development Goals. He developed an interest in volunteering with Me2UFoundation because of his passion for helping the underserved, poor, and less privileged. He is also known with several non-governmental organizations that are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. With Resilience and commitment, we can build better and stronger in regards to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Australia Chapter

Casey is a grade 12 student (senior) from Brisbane, Australia. Like everyone at Me2U she has a dedicated passion for not only the environment but human rights and ensuring everyone has access to essential resources. She has been an avid member of her school’s Human Rights’ Group and Eco Justice Group with the specific goals that her school will one day be 100% solar powered and all tuckshop packaging will be recycled and recyclable.

Outside of her school community she has also been involved in the AYCC, School Strike for Climate and regularly attends the events facilitated by Socialist Alternative Brisbane. She also volunteers at two food vans that provide free breakfast and good conversations to members in her local community. She also loves working with the kids at her local primary school to help them learn English as a second language.

Working in the hospitality industry and seeing the massive amounts of perfectly good food go to waste everyday and seeing her friends carelessly waste food were some of the key factors for her joining the movement. Through Me2U she hopes to make an impact to her local community beyond just lecturing her family and friends.

Beyond activism, Casey loves volleyball, muay thai, amateur acting and religiously rereading The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger 🙂

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Co-President of Australia: Casey Speight


Co-President of Australia: Anjali Sharma

Anjali is a 16-year-old climate activist from Melbourne, Australia. She has been passionate about climate change from a young age, and particularly the social justice impacts it has. Anjali has a deep desire to help her community in any way she can, and is extremely passionate and dedicated to targeted campaigns towards the government for climate action, as they are the ones who are making decisions that the younger generation will have to live with. She wants to see a world powered by clean energy, where big corporations, wealthy people, and politicians are held responsible for their actions and the future of young people is prioritised, and no one is left behind. In Melbourne, Anjali works with School Strike 4 Climate and AYCC, as well as her school’s environmental team. She is incredibly honoured to be working with Me2U.

Freya Cooper is from Tasmania, Australia. She has always loved and been fascinated by the natural world, as well as all the beings that call it home – plants, animals, and humans alike. She is passionate about human rights, equality, and the protection of the planet.

She is also a total science nerd – so when she started learning about climate change, plastic pollution, and biodiversity loss – and all the consequences that it will have for the planet, she was devastated and scared. We are facing this problem that threatens everything that we know and love – but people, on the whole, are not really doing anything about it. She tried to stop using plastic as much as possible, she went plant-based, joined the ‘eco-warriors’ club at her high school and planted trees, started recycling and spoke to classes and at assemblies.

From all that she realised that the most important thing in this movement is people, and that with people power we can do great things.

So now she is involved with the AYCC and Amnesty International. She has spoken at and mentored students at the Tasmanian Youth Climate Leaders conference. She runs the local action group for Greenpeace in her area, as well as co-leading an Earth Guardians Crew for Tasmania. She also has a small plastic-free community group in her local town.

Me2U is a beautiful initiative that puts both people and the planet first. She is so excited to be part of this incredible community. 🌱❤️


VP of Tasmania: Freya Cooper

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VP of Sydney: Asha Friedman

Asha is 17 years old and lives in Sydney, Australia. She has become increasingly attuned to the vulnerability of the earth’s ecosystems and the impact of global warming on vulnerable peoples.

She believes in showing compassion for all beings, human and non-human animals alike, and lowers her carbon footprint by following vegan and responsible composting/recycling practices. She is also a driven activist with School Strike 4 Climate and knows that the youth have the passion and will to influence social and political scenes.

With strong family ties to South Africa, she is aware of historical injustices and has collected items such as football boots and ballet shoes for disadvantaged kids in that country.

When Asha’s not educating herself and others on the climate crisis or related humanitarian matters, she is in the midst of her final year of school, fulfilling her responsibilities as head girl, and finds time for her love of bouldering. After school she wants to study sustainable interior architecture with the prospect of designing spaces for a kinder, safer world.

Nepal Chapter

Abhi Love Devkota studies in Global College International, Kathmandu. He has a passion for helping people who are in real need of my help. Not only for people, he helps the environment too because he thinks the environment is in real need of us. So that he has been volunteering in environmental conservation campaigns conducted by different foundations. He has started enrolling in such campaigns since he was in grade 10 as he is in the final year of A Levels; it has been 2 complete years that he has been working on such programs and campaigns. And one thing that he has realized that we humans are actually responsible for environmental degrading problems. If we can completely stop or minimize such activities we can make our environment as it was before degradation. And Me2U Foundation has the main motto of conserving the environment by helping needy people, he is really excited to join Me2U. Other than having a passion for social and environmental works, he is a competitive chess player, a biomedical programmer, a brilliant student as well as a volunteer.


President of Nepal:

Abhi Love Devkota


VP of New Baneshwor:

Sandeepa Gautam

Sandeepa is a 20-year-old student currently residing in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. She was very passionate about saving the environment from the time when she was a school student. Now, that she has completed her Bachelor’s in Environmental science she looks forward to help her community as well as the world to make changes in the burning issues of environmental degradation. She has been an active member of NAMI ECO CLUB and NAMI Social Work Club where the members of the club worked together for promoting the greenery and best re-use of the products that would otherwise be ended up in dumping site. NAMI ECO CLUB worked with the main slogan of ‘Waste to Best’. She was also engaged in a 1-month internship program of Nepal Sustainable Travel where they promote Eco-tourism in Nepal. Besides these, she has been working actively for Public Awaken Environment Conservation Campaign by participating in cleaning environment and volunteering, rally and seminars conducted by this organization. She believes that joining ME2U Foundation will help in combating the climate change through community to large-scale level by reusing and reducing waste for making the world a better place. The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved.

Nishan has completed his Bachelor’s in Environmental Science and is currently residing in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has been an active member of NAMI ECO CLUB for three years, VP of NAMI Social Work Club, and has been volunteering at various local environmental campaigns. Our team had created NAMI ECO PARK made of waste materials collected around our college premises. He has joined Me2U because he believes reusing and recycling products help to save our environment. Moreover, providing useful recyclable products in rural areas helps people learn and keep environment safe. If little effort from us makes others’ life beautiful then it’s worth working hard.


VP of Jorpathi:

Nishan Pokhrel 


VP of Kapan:

 Smriti Gautam

Smriti Gautam is from Kathmandu, Nepal. She has been engaging in awareness, cleanliness, and afforestation programs in her locality through her school. She wants to contribute something positive for the environmental cause and help any way she can. She hasn’t been a part of any organization so far but she’d certainly love to be in one. Me2U foundation seems to be such where she can really do something in my community and make a greater impact.

Manoj Budha is currently pursuing Cambridge A level studies from Global College International, Kathmandu, Nepal and is originally from Tikapur, Kailali, the western part of Nepal. His primary skills are blogging along with the secondary skills as web designing, debating, leadership, team management, writing, and so on. He is basically interested in social works, computer & technology related stuff and public speaking and have hobbies like reading books, traveling, hiking, etc. He has been an important part of organizations like innovXplorers, Healthy Society Youth Club, infomilieu, Smart Club, and Key Club of Kathmandu. Since with the reference to the experience in these organizations, he believes to prove himself to be efficient of Me2U Foundation.

Some of remarkable experiences in 2019:

  • Collected used books, old clothes, stationary items from local schools and Donated it to the student of Laprak, Gorkha (major affected place of Nepal Earthquake, 2015) 
  • Successfully conducted the awareness program and plantation program in Laboratory Secondary School, Kathmandu.
  • Donated Food Items and carried out cleanliness activities in the Nishaya Sewa Sadan (Senior Citizen Home), Kathmandu. 



VP of Tikapur:

Manoj Budha

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VP of Chabahil:

Aarohi Poudel

Aarohi Poudel is a 12th grader at Kathmandu World School. She strongly believes that our society needs cleansing as she herself comes from a community where patronising narratives like patriarchy is extremely normalised. She has been involved in parliamentary debating and different public speaking/leadership clubs since the beginning of her high school, which she believes has given her important skills like in-depth analysis and leadership. Her main goal in life is to create avenues for people so that they can come together to talk about things that need to be talked about. She has previously worked with many NGOs where her and her team conducted activities like menstrual health awareness camps and book distributions to the marginalised communities in Nepal. Through Me2U, she expects to reach more people in dire need of help. She wants to uplift the status quo of women and other historically oppressed groups to make our country and this world a better place to live in.
Aaditya Sitaula is a student studying in Reliance International Academy, Chabahil. He has an enthusiasm to help the people who are in real need. He did his first social work in grade 8 when he donated the necessary food and supplies to the Danuwar community with other crews in Sindhupalchowk district. Apart from the passion of social work, he is an academic and sporty person who loves football a lot.

Co-VP of Chabahil: Aaditya Sitaula


VP of Putalisadak: Samir Rana

Sameer bikram rana studies in Kathmandu Model College. He has been engaged in organizations like Red cross, Scout, and various child clubs. He has participated in national level speech competitions, federal youth parliament mock and various leadership seminars. He has been passionate about social work since his school days. His Red Cross society has done various programmes like food distributions, menstrual health awareness, cancer awareness, sanitation campaign, disaster management workshop and others. He is really excited to join The Me2U Foundation!

Pawan Devkota is 18-years-old. He took environmental science subjects as his major while he was in school. He has done so many social works for making his society pollution-free. He was involved in the afforestation program of his near community forest; he is an environment lover and animal lover as well. He has helped so many people who are in need. He wants to make his zone plastic-free zone. He wants to join this foundation because he wants to reach the people who are really in need and wants to help them in any way possible.

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VP of Surkhet:

Pawan Devkota

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VP of  Boudha:

Nihona Rani Pradhan

Nihona Rani Pradhan is a pretty average 14-year-old kid who is an introvert. She loves doing art, reading books, and writing. Taking a daily stroll at the nearby park in my neighborhood made her  fall in love with plantation. Traveling a lot with her family made her aware about her surroundings, and she fell in love with nature. She has been doing a lot of work and taking part in activities relating to social issues. She started a project called “itsokaytonotbeokay” and “expressyourself” in 2019 and reached out to many people as I could. She started another project called “#Prangarikproject” this 2020, which is converting biodegradable waste (banana peels, vegetable peels, egg shells, fish bones, etc.) into fertilizers that can be used for plantations. Environmental benefits are also possible from manure application which is increasing soil carbon and reducing atmospheric carbon levels. She has been able to reach out to 6 different places and their neighborhoods in Kathmandu (the capital city of Nepal) so far. I started working after hearing this phrase “Starting late is better than never.” She would love to do more projects in the near future. She volunteers in her free time and also advocates for causes she believes in. She does donations a lot, and she always wanted to work on projects like such. She is super thankful and happy to be a part of Me2U Foundation.

Aakansha Sharma is a 20 year old undergraduate student Currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Environmental science from University of Northampton. Since the beginning of 6th grade, Aakansha became part of a school club and got involved in various environmental conservation programmes and school clubs. River cleaning campaigns and mitigation of stationary wastes were the major highlights of the club. In addition to that, recycling of wastes were also Carried out.

Aakansha has also made her influences in construction of an eco park in the college premises itself. Besides her concern for the Environment, Aakansha has great interest in Badminton and loves dancing. She is also an active member of Zonta club of Kathmandu that works on empowering Women through service and advocacy. With her involvement in Me2U, she aspires to help communities and raise awareness about the increasing environmental issues and hopes to make a better environmental impact to both the communities and surrounding.


VP of Bhagwanstan :

Aakansha Sharma


VP of Surkhet: Abhiyan Kandel

Abhiyan Kande is currently a 12th grader in Eager Bridge School, Surkhet. He is passionate about conserving our nature by afforestation, no plastic campaigns, and household waste management programs. He is dedicated to helping in such a way that can be shown by an example. Once, there was an accident in front of his house and he called an ambulance by himself and took him to hospital. The victim had uncontrolled bleeding and needed someone to donate blood for his loss. Fortunately, he was of the same blood group as Abhiyan was . So, he donated his blood to the victim. This was the proudest moment for Abhiyam’s parents as he did that much for a stranger. And this foundation also helps people who are in need, as heard from Abhi Love Devkota. This foundation reuses waste products that are waste for us and may be helpful for others. And Abhiyan is that kind of person who not only donates waste products but also donate things useful like blood mentioned above. Other than personal social work he has done a lot of afforestation from his school’s environmental club. He lives near Deuti Bajai Temple which is the most popular Temple of Karnali province of Nepal, and he loves to take the extra unnecessary food cooked in his house to beggars in front of the temple.

Cameroon Chapter

Ngolle Kingsman is a student currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Geography at the University of Buea, Cameroon. He is passionate about environmental conservation and agricultural sustainability. He aims at achieving these through regenerative, social, cultural and technological innovative measures; In order to push forward the global agenda of sustainability, while ensuring sustainable development in his community. Spending most of his time in the natural world, he observed as nature’s beauties were gradually been destroyed by the numerous environmental hazards. This on its own ignited a passion in him to take personal action towards saving his environment. Through networking and active collaboration, Kingsman has been able to educate many young people in his community; through talking sections, workshops, school visits, and other mediums, of the urgent need to refine their behavior towards the environment, and make individual efforts. He has taken part in several projects, campaigns and events that were aimed at contributing to lasting solutions for the environmental challenges plaguing his community. Apart from his environmental work, Kingsman enjoys photography, music, graphic designing and drawing; as he intends to use theses to amplify his efforts.


President of Cameroon:

Ngolle Kingsman 

Kenya Chapter

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President of Kenya:

Alicia Moraa

Alicia Moraa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (Mathematics and Economics) from The University of Nairobi. She has also done CPA part one from Kisii College of Accountancy.

Being in love with environment her whole life, Moraa joined environment scene, in 2013, and registered cleaning youth groups one of them being Esango Youth Group which has created jobs for more than 50 youths. The group is offering solid waste management services within Kisii locality. In 2016, she and her team participated in a four country Climate Change Hackathon Challenge, at Kenya Metrological Centre and her team took position four out of sixteen. In May 2017, Precious Plastic Kisii was started which is a prototype for recycling plastic waste. She, as the project manager has seen it successfully educate the community about different plastics, effects to the environment and how you can actually make new valuable products to earn a livelihood, while conserving the environment.

In 2018, Moraa was motivated to further her passion and love for the environment and went on to make herself at Precious Plastic Netherlands, being the top country in the world to manage their waste, in order to pursue her passion for waste management at the source.

In February 2019, Moraa joined Tide Turners Challenge, volunteer, as part of Girl Guides (#BeatPlasticPollution, #CleanSeas), a project initiated by United Nations Environment Programme that aims at training the community about plastic pollution, their effects to the environment and human beings. She trained more than 5,000 people including school children and the impact is visible.

She joined Me2U Foundation because of my interests to collaborate with like-minded international organizations and lead the Kenyan chapter to reduce clothing, books, toys, food and shoe waste to collectively lead to environmental harms by redistributing the items to less fortunate within the society.

Richard Ongaga Onsongo has volunteered in waste management since he was 12 years in the streets of California estate in Nairobi. He joined Mathare Youths sports association where they used to clean up Nairobi streets, advocate for reuse and recycling of waste products, and lately, he works with different youth groups across the country in street clean up excises and production of waste products using innovation and new technology. He is advocating for a solid waste management policy in the capital city of Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu under the banner green dot initiative where our major focus is to encourage separation of waste at source (households level). Joining with Me2U is part of his strategy to partner with other international organizations who are like-minded and share ideas on how we can achieve this collectively.

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VP of Kisii: Richard Ongaga Onsongo


CO-VP of Kisumu:

Bob Oduor

Bob Oduor is from Kisumu in Kenya. He will be joining Technical University of Mombasa to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. He has a strong passion for helping the needy and the vulnerable in the society. He has volunteered with PACEMAKER International since January this year where he was an assisting teacher in a primary school. This is due to the high number of students in the public schools as compared to the teachers. He also has been part of the Precious Plastics Manyatta, which is a community based organization where they recycle waste plastics into new valuable products. This is to ensure that they reduce them from the environment. Joining Me2U Foundation will enable him to explore more, give back to the community and do the collection and distribution of the extra items within Kisumu city. It will help him to participate and join up with many more organisations to help him accomplish his passion and move up even to the next level.

Morline Pamella is from Kenya, specifically Kisumu. She is excited to work with the Me2u foundation so that she can care for all the living and it will enable her to pursue her passion of giving back to the community. She has worked with vulnerable kids within Manyatta slums. She is currently working with Precious Plastic Manyatta which is a community based organization where they recycle waste plastics into valuable products. By doing this, we will all take care of our environment for future generations. We got one planet earth, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect it.


Co-VP of Kisumu:
Morline Pamella


VP of Nyeri:

Morang’a Violet

Morang’a Violet is a holder of Bsc Environmental Science from Chuka University and a masters student in environment, resources management and sustainability at Arizona State University. Currently, she is a field officer KEFRI Nyeri region and a certified environmental impact assessment (EIA) lead expert.

Her passion for the environment goes way back to her childhood, interacting with the resources in day to day life made her curious about the different environmental aspects. It was fully awakened in her highschool environmental club which engaged her in different activities. In college, she served as the treasurer of the environmental club.

Having worked with the community as a field officer the past few months, the vulnerability of some individuals touch her heart. She has been on the lookout for a platform to impact their lives positively by giving back at the same time help in resources conservation. Coming across the Me2U foundation, she is certain her dreams will be achieved.

Besides that, she is a mother of 2 handsome boys, lover of life who loves travelling, and making new friends.

Rose Ndichu is a lawyer who is passionate about the environment, specifically cleaning it. Currently, she runs a waste management company in Lamu, Kenya that seeks to recycle plastic waste into quality, durable products, and turn waste into energy from the non recyclable waste. She envisions contributing to placing Mother Earth where she was before we went bonkers on her.

VP of Lamu: Rose Ndichu

Philippines Chapter


President of Philippines: Vhon Michael Tobes


Vhon Michael Tobes is the Founder and Executive Director of Zero Hour Philippines, one of the leading climate and environmental justice movement in the Philippines. A 16-Year old 4-years environmentalist and climate activist from Catbalogan City, Samar Philippines, Vhon started learning about climate change when he was in grade 8, at the age of 13, and started doing little things for the environment, and also started educating his peers about the effects of climate change. At a young age, Vhon was elected Vice President for the General Science Club in his school and a representative for Youth for the Environment in Schools – Organization (YES-O) and founded one of the Philippines’ pioneer environmental conservation organization in schools, the Kilos Kabataan para sa Kalikasan or Youth Movement for the Environment. In Grade 9, he was elected President for the General English, Science and Math club in his school, student-adviser for YES-O and Editor-in-Chief of the Official School Publication, and founded the SPress Magazine. He was also elected as Supreme Student Government President, Auditor of the City’s Editors’ Guild. In Grade 10, Vhon has already organized 4 symposiums and workshops about environmental protection and climate change, 2 tree planting activities, and a lot of clean-up drives. At the age of 15, Vhon was awarded Most Outstanding Student for 4 years, Most Outstanding Student Writer, and one of the Most Revolutionary Student Leaders in the Philippines. He was one of the 3 students to help Save The Children in Samar Island. At the age of 10, in Elementary, Vhon is the first and still the only student from his school and city to compete in the National Science Quest. He is the Founder and Secretary-General of Face of the Future and current Director-General of Zero Hour Southeast Asia. He was also chosen as one of the 50 Voices for the Planet – Philippines by Earth Day Network Philippines and one of the 50 My Future, My Voice Ambassadors of Earth Day Network for South and Southeast Asia.

Diane Devera Exconde is an 18-year-old involved in a variety of environmental projects such as the ones listed below.
•SSG San Pablo Implementation of Zero Waste Management
•Academia de San Ignacio de Loyola, engaging and making eco-bricks
•Clean Up Campaign in one of the seven lakes in San Pablo City
•Using metallic materials and other things to lessen the usage of plastics
She joined Me2U Philippines because it is a great opportunity to influence everyone especially the youth since we are the hope of the future, to start giving importance to the environment. We need to learn to take seriously the danger brought of climate change and also, to teach them what it means of social justice. We need to step forward and make the world a better place through sustainable development. Humans and nature are connected, we exist because nature exists, and vice versa. It is the right time to make a move.

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VP of Outreach and Relations:

Diane Devera Exconde


VP of Operations: Stephanie Claire Panggo

Stephanie Claire Panggo is 16-years-old. She started being conscious about her actions on how it impacts the environment since she was young from the influence of her mom and it was only last year when she started to join organizations and mobilize. She is a Greenpeace volunteer and also volunteers in her city and with different organizations. Recently, she started her own organization and hopes it’ll be a successful one. She joined Me2U Philippines to be more of an empowered teen and mobilize with them, and she knows she’ll learn a lot from this org. and develop herself for the better.

Jaymee Torres, a fresh graduate from Sichuan University in China, is relatively new to environmentalism but passionate about reducing waste and protecting the environment. She is an executive team member at Z Game Changers where generation Z is encouraged, mentored, and given a platform to create causes they believe in and start a movement. She joined Me2U because she recognizes her privilege in society and wants to help bring balance by sharing what she has and helping others do the same, and because we need to slow down production pollution and create a more circular economy.


VP of Internal Affairs:

Jaymee Torres

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Head of Communications and Press: Marielle Racoma

Marielle Racoma is a recent graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University, a plant-based animal rights activist, and founder of Our Endangered PH. Our Endangered PH was her individual senior thesis project that won a special recognition award for creative sustainable development advocacy at the Ateneo Socio-Civic Engagement for National Development (ASCEND) Awards. Today, Our Endangered PH has expanded into her own organization that aims to encourage the preservation of Philippine threatened, vulnerable, and endangered species. In collaboration with Extinction Rebellion PH, she co-founded a campaign called #AquaticAwareness, which aimed to spread awareness about the destruction marine ecosystems are currently facing and our interconnectedness with marine life as a whole. She has collaborated with other environmental organizations such as The Cynefin Group to create themed posts for Ocean Month for Our Endangered PH. She is a part of the Communications Committee of Ph Parks and Biodiversity and has an ongoing campaign called Share Your PH Park, which aims to celebrate our national parks and biodiversity. She joined Me2U Philippines because she supports the advocacy and cause, and believes that many Filipinos are underprivileged and deserve a better quality of life. Not only will this foundation help those in need, but it will simultaneously reduce waste and repurpose them. As an animal rights activist, she believes that we need to show compassion for all sentient beings and our Earth. She also acknowledges that the Philippines is the 3rd biggest polluter of waste in the Ocean. This is why we need to act now and find ways to combat this, together.

Mariel Prion is studying at the De La Salle University-Manila for her Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences. She has been involved in a variety of environmental projects as listed below.

  • Former President of the Bedan Environmental Philosophers Organization (BEPO)- school
    organization at alma mater
  • Current Environment Sector Head of Young Earth Scientists’ Society (YESS)
  • Attended “Climate Action Forum: Filipino Youth and Solutions to Plastic Solution” 
  • Participated in 2018 Manila Bay Clean-Up
  • Attended “Manila Environment Caucus 2018,” the “Global Youth Summit 2018,” and “Earth Island Institute Volunteers’ Orientation 2019”
  • Became a speaker at BEPO’s Discussion about “Plastic Pollution and Waste Management” 
  • Delivered an environmental speech at my alma mater twice about plastic pollution and waste
    management (2018)
  • Participated in “10 Waste Challenge” project as a way to address the litter problem on a
    global scale last May 2020
  •  Had an Instagram Live with “River Cleanup” from Belgium and discussed the importance of
    keeping rivers, streams and bodies of water clean and free from trash
  • Attended Greenpeace Philippines’ “Co-Creation Workshop: Better Normal Vision” last June 2020

Head of Partnerships:

Mariel Prion

Hungary Chapter

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President of Budhapest: Lily Tanui


Lily Tanui is a student at Obuda University, pursuing BSc in Environmental Engineering. Her love for environmental conservation started when she was young , and she have been creating awareness on tree growing and sustainability through her organisation Tree Growers Association of Kenya, in a bid to curb climate change. She joined Me2U Foundation because she wants to contribute to the attainment of SDG Goal 11, “Sustainable cities and Communities” as well as give back to society.

Indonesia Chapter

Olyvia Lourelle is a 17-year-old student at Saint John’s Catholic School BSD. She participated in a summer camp at Green Camp Bali where she studied nature. Ever since then, her conscience was shaken. Her enthusiasm for taking care of the world through nature has grown. The first step she took was by opening up an online store selling eco-friendly utensils and straw under the name of “Kembali.Jkt”. She believes that she can do a lot more by signing up with Byebyeplasticbag Jakarta (BBPBJ) and becoming its board member. Last year, together with several friends and also BBPBJ leader she made a short documentary titled “Don’t Trash Our Future” to support her school campaign on raising awareness regarding the alarming plastic situation. The target was to make the school area plastic-free. In the year 2019, she received an internship program at Green Camp Bali. Through Me2U, she wanted to help more people.

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President of Indonesia:

Olyvia Lourelle


VP of Jakarta: Jessica Athalia

Jessica Athalia is a 17 years old student based in Jakarta. Her enthusiasm began when she and her friend started a business called “Kembali-Jakarta” where they sell eco-friendly utensils. Seeing the impact of “Kembali-Jakarta” is not big enough for the environment, Jessica wanted to give more contributions. Thus, she joined and became one of the board members of the student council in Santa Ursula Senior High School Jakarta specifically active on environmental services. Therefore she tried to make her school environmentally-friendly by making programs. Some of the programs were DOTS (Donate Toothbrush) by delivering used toothbrush to Saya Pilih Bumi Organization and another program called #byebyeplasticstraws by selling stainless straws where the profit was donated to World Wide Fund (WWF) Indonesia. Through the Me2U Foundation, Jessica wants to make something more meaningful by helping the locals.

Bangladesh Chapter

Tarif Ibne Kamal (Shakkhor) is from Bangladesh & currently a final year undergraduate student pursuing his degree in Business Administration. He has stayed in various cities here in Bangladesh throughout his life so far and one common thing he discovered in every place & that is, people ignore the fact of environmental pollution like it doesn’t even exist. Climate change, degraded water quality, biodiversity loss is all happening in front of our eyes and he believes it is time we stand up to do something. We are possibly the last generation that can take steps to save our mother Earth. He wants everyone to be at least conscious about our environment, and he wants to raise awareness and engage those who feel the same as him. If we feel responsible that we have to take care of our parents because they raised us, then why not show a bit of responsibility to the planet that is providing resources for our existence for so many years? He wants our future generations to have a beautiful and pollution-free world. He knows one person alone can’t make these changes, but together we can. There are so many young and conscious people who feel that some steps should be taken. He believes through working together and raising awareness we will fulfill our dreams to make the world a better place. Through “Me2U Foundation,” we have a beautiful community full of determined people who are from different countries and cities but share the same goal, and he is excited to be a part of it.

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President of Bangladesh: Tarif Ibne Kamal

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VP of Mymenshing District:

MD. Zahidur Rahman Arnob

MD. Zahidur Rahman Arnob is currently doing his MBA from IBA, Jahangirnagar University. He is working as a Campus Ambassador at National Dialogue on Climate Change & SPEAK Dhaka. He is also working in a social organization founded by him & his father named “জোনাকির আলো- The light of Fireflies” which aims is to help the needy people of my society in various aspect. He will use his skill & knowledge to uphold the mission & vision of Me2U.

Md.Tipo Mia is from Bangladesh and is a student of Fareast International University, studying in the Department of Architecture. He has been working with various charitable organizations for the last 6 years. In 2017, he founded a voluntary organization with his friends in his local area. Goal. His organization assists their school kids to take part in social activities that build leadership inside them for the future, and it makes them skilled. Besides, he made his day to relief vices of flood-affected people, to grow the sustainable environment, financial crisis, corona outbreak, and so on.
Out of this passion, his main duty is designing as designer a privet company, and he likes playing cricket and doing photography. He is happy to join Me2U to do more work for his country.


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VP of Narsingdi: MD. Tipo Mia

Romania Chapter

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Co- President of Cluj-Napoca: Melánia Gál-Joó

Melánia Gál-Joó is a 24 years old electrical engineer from Romania. Her love for environmental protection started when she joined Green Heroes, an international environmental nonprofit organization, while she was studying abroad. Seeing how determined are the people to save the planet in Western Europe, she decided to apply this mentality in Romania and establish with Tímea Farkas and Deák Levente the Romanian chapter of the organization. Melánia has always loved working with children. In 2019, she was a global volunteer in Nepal, where she taught science and arts to children. One of her biggest dreams is to establish an orphanage, and she thinks that working with underprivileged children is a good start for achieving her dream. She hopes that through the Me2U Foundation she can reach and help more people, teach children in need and have a bigger impact on environmental protection.

Timea Farkas is a Research Engineer from Romania, pursuing MSc at Renewable Energy Technologies. Her passion for sustainability and environmental protection have been outlined since the college years, and since high school, she has been involved in helping disadvantaged people, through volunteer work. She believes in the power of teamwork and people. These are the main reasons for joining the Green Heroes international community and establishing the Romanian chapter of the organization, together with two friends, Melánia and Levente. Her main objective is to show an example of good practices for a more sustainable lifestyle and to raise awareness about the daily problems that we, humans, are creating, and harming the environment. By joining the Me2U Foundation, her mission is to support the local families, communities, and to combat locally the problems related to the environment.

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Co-President of Cluj-Napoca: Timea Farkas

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Co- President of Cluj-Napoca: Levente Deák

Levente Deák is working in the agricultural industry, seeing a lot of things how industries have changed in the past decades. If we could change the behavior of huge companies, we sure do make changes in the real life of people, thanks for our wonderful team, cheers Melania and Timea! Himalaya should be seen forever, as we should leave Earth in as good condition as possible.

Zambia Chapter

John Kakandelwa is the founder of a local organization-Powering Young Initiatives. He lives in the tourist capital Livingstone Zambia. He believes solutions to climate change will be accelerated by the collective, positive actions of individuals and communities to include, but not be limited to policy reform, conservation, mitigation, innovation, and adaptation. In the fostering of deeper relationships and collaboration with partners who represent excessively impacted communities, equitable solutions will be found. That’s why he is part of the Me2U team.

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President of Zambia:

John Kakandelwa

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VP of Southern Province Livingstone: Chipo Muleya

Chipo Muleya is passionate about Enterprise development and Climate change Education. She is a member of an Organization called Naleli Women Initiatives. She believes in a legacy that empowers individuals and their communities to engage in Solutions to Sustainable Development Among the Youths and Women. Chipo also to runs an online business and helps her clients to get their businesses seen by the target market they want to reach. Chipo is also a Member of Powering Young Initiatives a not for a profit-making organization engaged in advocacy, Eduction, and the realization of a Climate positive future. She is Now Part of the Me2U Foundation in Zambia.

Canada Chapter

Kalea has a passion for environmental activism and improving the environmental footprint of her community. While Kalea believes communities should do the best they can to reduce their environmental footprint, she also believes big industries need to be held accountable for their actions. She is a Board Member of the Comox Youth Climate Council and is very excited to work with Me2U and reduce waste in the Comox Valley.

President of Canada:

Kalea Richardson

Mcgregor Lorimer

Vice President of Canada:

Em McGregor-Lorimer

Em is 17, she’s very passionate about sustainability and wants to help as much as she can especially at a local level. She’s the youth ambassador for the world community fair trade coffee committee, a Board Member of Comox Youth Climate Council, and has done a few stints as a canvasser, for the NDP candidate in her riding last election, as well as the Dogwood Vote 16 campaign.

Charlotte Greaves is passionate about climate issues and humanitarian work on a local and global level! She has been a member of a local group called Youth Environmental Action for over a year now and has been so inspired by other youth who share the same values she does. Her group has influenced our local government to declare a climate crisis and put the spotlight on our relationship with the land. In addition to that, Youth Environmental Action has empowered youth and led marches with up to 3000 people in attendance. When Sachi reached out to us about Me2U, we were thrilled. Getting to work with an international organization is something we have dreamt of. She is so excited to get to work on our communities and make our linear waste systems circular! Much love 🌎💚

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Chapter Representative:

Charlotte Greaves

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Chapter Representative:

William Hatch

William Hatch was born and raised in Comox BC Canada. As of late, he has been passionate about environmental activism, and thanks to both YEA; a local youth-led climate activist group, and now the Me2U Foundation he has had a vent for his worries. He looks forward to making the world a better place side-by-side with his fellow activists… Social distancing of course.

Panama Chapter

Ekaterina Korabelnikova is currently a student at the International School of Panama (ISP). Her avid passion for the environment dates back to fourth grade when she joined her school’s Green Team. Where she was involved in numerous events supporting and advocating for the environment as she frequently volunteered in recycling centers. Seeing the immense amount of waste and the impacts of her small actions inspired her to do something greater. Being avidly passionate about the environment and children’s education she one of the co-presidents of her school’s Eco Leaders Club. In which they spread awareness about environmental sustainability to upcoming generations. Other than her passion for the environment Ekaterina loves to debate, play volleyball, and read.

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Past Panama/ Current
Russia President:

Ekaterina Korabelnikova

Nicaragua Chapter

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Co-President of Nicaragua:

Ainhoa Ramos

Ainhoa Ramos is 17 years old and is from Nicaragua, Diriamba. The foundation caught her attention to see all the help it does in many places in the world, seeing that it can directly benefit her community and in the future, her country. She is excited to be part of a change.

Adriana Ruiz is a high-schooler from Diriamba-Nicaragua. She is excited to be able to work with Me2u Foundation, because it is very important for her to help the people around her, giving them what is available to her.

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Co-President of Nicaragua:

Adriana Ruiz

Malayasia Chapter


President of Malaysia:

Alina Cande

Alina Cande is 22 years old, originally from Batangas City. She likes doing charity work, which is why she is so excited to join Me2U!

Spain Chapter

Marta Redondo is currently a junior who lives in Madrid, Spain. She was involved in her school’s Green Team back when she was younger in Caracas, Venezuela. Marta has a passion to help those around her and do what is best for her community. She is very eager to join the Me2u Foundation to help the waste reduction movement. Marta has decided to join to aid in becoming a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. Her hobbies include, swimming, reading, and basketball.


Co-President of Madrid:

Marta Redondo


Co-President of Madrid:

Sofia McInnes

Sofia McInnes is currently a junior who lives in Madrid, Spain. She is very passionate about helping others to the best of her ability. She joined the foundation as she wanted to be a part of a movement which helped both people and the environment. She is hoping to help create a healthier and more sustainable environment for future generations.

Isabel Redondo lives in Madrid, Spain and she’s 16 years old. She has had experience with waste reduction back in elementary school in her school’s green team. Isabel would like to be able to help her community strive for a sustainable environment. She joined Me2u because she likes helping people in need and would like to be a part of a foundation that has a meaningful mission. Isabel is very exited to start her new experience alongside the Me2u foundation.


Co- President of Madrid:

Isabel Redondo

Malawi Chapter


President of Malawi:

Edward Liwaya

Edward Liwaya is a changemaker who resides in Zomba District. After obtaining a Malawi School Certificate of Education(MSCE), which is equivalent to O Levels, he was trained as a professional teacher, graduated from Lilongwe Teacher Training College. Later, he enrolled with The Catholic University of Malawi to undergo an undergraduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation. Currently, he is studying for an undergraduate degree in Social Science(majoring Development Studies).

His passion to serve the communities other than teaching, started in 2014 when he noticed low examination pass rate(as a result of lack of reading materials, goofings, spelling errors, discalculiar, disgrafia) high school dropouts, wanton cutting down of trees, and vulnerability of children among others.

In April 2017, he founded AYOSE, a local organization now with a vibrant Board of Trustees, chaired by Kelvin Thadzi (a health assistant).

Francis is a B. Sc. (IT), 2012 (Amity University – India/ UNIMA) holder and has certificates in: Malawi Library & Information Science, Web Development, Networking in Support of Development, Agricultural Information Systems and Electronic Records Management. His passion for the development of literacy led him to join the volunteering world way back in 2001 and has since then helped develop over 150 school and community libraries across Malawi through the African Library Project (ALP), a non-profit US-based NGO. Among his areas of interest is digital and information literacy which he is studying privately as a way of promoting his passion and commitment towards life-long learning. Francis has coordinated and facilitated a number of teacher-librarian training both national and international.

He has held a number of portfolios in various professional bodies both national and international (Malawi Library Association and Librarians Network). He has also undertaken a number of research and produced several papers which appear in both local and international journals.

Francis is the founder and current President / Executive Director for Knowledge and Information for SKISS Initiative whose main goal is to overall goal “to improve the quality of information and knowledge management services” is well aligned with the concept and will ensure that the quality of services. Its mission is “to positively and effectively contribute to information and knowledge management services in Malawi through innovative and creative interventions”.

VP of Lilongwe:

Francis Kachala

VP of Zomba:

Gladys Davis Puwapuwa

Gladys Davis Puwapuwa lives in Zomba and is a retired taxation officer. She holds an advanced diploma in financial accounting.

She is interested in support to disadvantaged children and women as well as reducing effects of climate change. Therefore, she has joined the Malawi Chapter of The Me2U Foundation.

The Problem

Food waste is such a widespread problem where nearly 400 pounds of food is wasted per person annually as Americans dispose of 15-25% of the food they collect. Another statistic shows that every single day, 365 pounds of food is wasted, ending up in dumps and landfills. The U.S., having such a consuming nature, is only seen to project the amount of food waste in the future, knowing that the amount of food waste increased by 50% since 1974.

Due to the level of food waste in the world, there have been detrimental effects on the environment. Firstly, when wasted food ends up in landfills, it often decays without oxygen. Hence, methane is produced, which is 20 times more harmful to the planet than carbon dioxide. Increased methane leads to the decline of the ozone layer, which in turn furthers the problem of climate change. Secondly, food waste causes astonishing amounts of groundwater and air pollution.

Me2U has expanded to other types of waste such as clothing, books, shoes, and toys. To put it into perspective, each year, 320 million books are thrown away in the U.S., and the average American throws away 81 lb of clothing. Due to pollution, loss of biodiversity, litter, pests, toxic chemicals, and worsening the problem of climate change, this waste is ruining our environment every single day. This all stems from improper waste management, which is what Me2U works to solve. Through Me2U, the waste is going to people who need it, completely eliminating the problem of people not disposing of items in the right way.

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